We only live once. Lets enjoy it.

I believe we attract what is in our mind. Our mind is our garden, so whatever we plant that is what will be.
2 years ago I have started a journey what most of my friends or family did not understand. By then I knew I want to travel the word, and start a new chapter in my life where living “rootless” I will find likeminded friends whose passion is very similar to mine:

Traveling & Photography & Fashion & Great Hotels 

And most importantly living free. Free from our boundaries created in our minds and blocking us to dream big. To find love and peace in every step I take.

Having a rarely affordable passion, and without knowing where my road leads, I gave up my Budapest based job and started my journey which lead me to wonderful locations, amazing people, extraordinary cultures, incredible tastes, and many new habits.
Photography and content creation became just as vital to my life as FASHION.
My blog will include travel trips, Hotel stays together with Fashion and Beauty content.
Depending on my location which you can follow on my Instagram I share my days and experiences via Instagram stories. I often visit stores and show you my picks (also try them and report how they fit etc.) of different retailers. Fashion related content will include new trends, designer introductions, how to style topics and also live Instagram stories from actual stores worldwide. You can also find me on LIKEtoKNOW.it!

BEAUTY is also a pretty important category when it comes to my life. As a model, and someone who really considers beauty a very wide notion I will show you products that worked for me, also test and introduce you more environmental friendly brands. In terms of beauty you will also find some more motivational content regarding “Beauty from within”.

LIFESTYLE will cover everything the rest of the categories doesn’t. Here I will also include private life related posts.

And there comes TRAVEL what truly became my biggest passion, my hobby, what truly fills me with joy, peace and happiness. I will show you destinations you have always wished to visit, reveal hidden places you have never heard of, sunny beaches, jungles, short term city trips, cheap long weekends, museums, fares. I will introduce you great and affordable hotels, I had,- I wish or I will visit. I give you room and hotel tours, take you beautiful pictures, tell you their services and recommend when and where to stay. Let me be your tour guide, your motivation to travel, your friend you can always ask for tips, and guidance. Before I started to travel alone I was a true Europe traveller, so it will be my biggest pleasure to show you around overseas too, and to explore Asia and Indonesia together with you. Follow me on my Instagram and be part of my journey by watching my Instagram Stories.

And Guys! Don’t forget:

Lets love each other, love animals and nature!
Be friendly and communicate from your heart!
Lets be optimistic, creative and passionate.
Eat when you want, sleep as much as you don’t regret!
Make friends, travel as long as you can, sing and laugh loud!
Be inspiring, Be unique!
Wear what you feel comfortable in!
Find a hobby that fills you with joy and leave your comfort zone when its needed!



Welcome to my blog!