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Bittersweet San Francisco

Its been 2 months since I haven’t stepped foot in San Francisco, such a pity, once I considered it as a new home. California is way too amazing, the vibes, the scenery, the climate, its rhythm basically you can never get enough of it.
If you follow my journey you probably recognized that I haven’t really been settling down as I was always on the go. After meeting someone I decided to place focus on our relationship, and haven’t returned to Singapore since last mid-December. Truth to be told I always felt something strange, something I can’t explain, call it a women’s intuition, but I was so well fooled about how much I was loved not only with words but actions too, that I felt it was the right decision. Well….
It has been an infinite emotional rollercoaster.
This post is not an ordinary
“See our beautiful photos we have created with the amazing Suzy Raskin”.
This is for us women who have found themselves in crazy situations with unexplainable men behaviors and breakups.

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