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2019’s Little Black Dress Look

As time passes by I spend less and less time home, in Budapest. When I do visit home, I make sure that all the following trips and accomodations of mine are settled, all my meetings with friends, and the time planned to be spent with my family is organized. I also always try my best to squeeze time to shoot with my favorite fashion photographer Edina Csoboth and as a result of this last time I succeeded to create some epic looks with her in the V. district, right in the center of my town. Arriving as usual with three huge luggages back home gave me a hard time to decide what outfit to shoot, so as a quick idea I have decided to show you guys the “Little Black Dress Look” by me.

This year so far was more adventureous than the last three years together I swear 🙏🏼.
One of the most prescious memory of mine relates to AMFAR organized in Antibes.
To attend this event I got rid of my long hair and changed to a blonde bob instead. Honestly it was very hard to compliment with any look the outstanding cherry blossom dress Suzie Turner has handcrafted for that occasion.

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