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What to wear for your perfect Burj Khalifa shot


Thinking of where to escape from the harsh European winter? No doubt Dubai is the perfect choice where the mild and decently warm weather starts around October.
While the summer is almost unbearably hot, the “winter” on the other hand is pretty amusing. Lately however we do pray for some more sun, as we notice a higher number of rainy and cloudy days than usual, so shooting outside in a lovely 25 degrees is something very ideal we bloggers do wish for. Maybe if a bit more breeze could be arranged that would be lovely too:-).
Taking shots is not always that convenient here in the UAE as professional cameras are often prohibited to be used due to privacy reasons. On our recent shooting with @alphaspotting we were actually sent away from our desired shooting locations, but our never-ending wish for creating something special in the Burj Khalifa area did not let us give up on our plans. Shooting with Mo is pretty advantageous, he knows all the nice places, angles, perspectives in the city. Go check out his gallery, it won’t dissappoint.

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Let me be your Budapest tour guide part 1: The Hungarian Parliament area

Hello Guys! Im happy you are back to my blog:-)

Today’s topic is about tourism, sightseeing and travel focusing on Budapest, mixed with some fashion, just to stay loyal to myself and to you all:-)

So what you probably didn’t know about me is that I have graduated from a school where I have studied Tourism an Hospitality Management. I also learned everything about  Hungary’s geography, culture-tradition-folklore-sights and monuments of each region, our tourism and became a licensed tour guide in Budapest. My life have had my curves, -still has 😉- I was lead to many different paths and I have lived and worked in different countries, but my love to tourism, tourists -and being a tourist- and hotels have stayed and will always stay in my heart.
Originally born in Hungary, and based in Budapest is a beautiful combo. Life is relatively easy here, way cheaper than other european countries, the level of education is strong, public transportation is not complicated, food is tasty and fat, social-and nightlife is developed and unique, the city is safe and extraordinary beautiful.  

This post is focusing on the most prominent building of Budapest – the Parliament. I will give you some tips, how to connect your 45 min visit with the surrounding area and spend your time useful. I will also share the basic information you need to know about this majestic building, and beyond that some super interesting facts that most people wouldn’t know not even Hungarians.

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