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What to wear for your perfect Burj Khalifa shot


Thinking of where to escape from the harsh European winter? No doubt Dubai is the perfect choice where the mild and decently warm weather starts around October.
While the summer is almost unbearably hot, the “winter” on the other hand is pretty amusing. Lately however we do pray for some more sun, as we notice a higher number of rainy and cloudy days than usual, so shooting outside in a lovely 25 degrees is something very ideal we bloggers do wish for. Maybe if a bit more breeze could be arranged that would be lovely too:-).
Taking shots is not always that convenient here in the UAE as professional cameras are often prohibited to be used due to privacy reasons. On our recent shooting with @alphaspotting we were actually sent away from our desired shooting locations, but our never-ending wish for creating something special in the Burj Khalifa area did not let us give up on our plans. Shooting with Mo is pretty advantageous, he knows all the nice places, angles, perspectives in the city. Go check out his gallery, it won’t dissappoint.

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Change your ordinary fall sweater to unique designer pieces

With the ever-changing weather this year’s Fall is being quite pleasant to our usual late November outfit combination habits. While mornings keep being really chilly during the day we still can wear easy, less layered styled outfits. Beside the usual sweater, jeans, long skirts, over-the-knee boots traditions I do prefer the more classical looks or the ones that has more texture, creative shapes and styles let it be a blouse, nice pants, jumpsuits or blazer combinations. However I’m all into the eye-catching outfits, when the cold comes I tend to wear socks and scarves on an everyday basis because
I’m that “always cold Chick” who starts to wear coats or a trench as the temperature drops under 18 Celsius. Just like sweaters can look ordinary so as coats get boring, thats why I like to purchase more styles, different jackets, capes, faux furs each season so I don’t have to wear the same “warm and efficient” coats once I’m back in the cold weather. Yes I admit it ends up in a complete mess being back in Budapest for winter because all you see in my apartment are coats hanging on top of each other, overwhelmed hangers, and different heels and boots that occupy the seats in my car. Situation get worse when I shoot with my photographer. Well then my car turns into a beautiful mess and in the same time a nightmare to clean and organize. Despite the lower temperature Fall is my absolute favorite season when it comes to fashion, and I always fall in love with Hungarian designers epic pieces. Without doubt Zia has again caught my attention, and I forgot about all my fast-fashion knitted jumpers as soon as I laid hands on my chic Boundless Jumper.

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Best summer outfits by Sugarbird

Its not a secret that I’m fond of my home country’s designers. I am very proud how the Hungarian fashion industry develops and changes. Such a small country yet we are so talented and creative.
I must admit it feels extra special to get a compliment on my outfit when I’m wearing a Hungarian designer’s piece. Not exaggerating but my heart does beat faster:-).

Sugarbird’s collection was full of eye-catching, vivid color dresses, kimonos and swimsuits this summer.
It was hard not to get the looks wherever I wore them. Either it was the Minnie Mouse bodysuit with the red mesh skirt, or the glamorous flower dress people kept asking the origin of my outfits.

No matter we write November or June, if today is hot like 30 degrees celsius than its officially summer to me. Considering the fact that it is still summer temperature in Budapest, today the 16th of September I could luckily wear my khaki Sugarbid Powell dress while I’ve had some sightseeing around my beautiful city.
(see last photos)

I have been quite around this last 3 months that covered: Singapore, Bali, Milan, London, Dubai and Budapest. I’ve beeen traveling with my best-loved Sugarbird dresses as they were just “-a must-” in my travel bag. Colors, stripes, flowers, mesh and bodycon style dresses. I wore them for fancy brunch, a beach club opening, to meetings. They are easy to carry and easy to wash. The more I check their webshop the more design I find I’m fond of.
Check yourself here.

Here are my most-liked Sugarbird outfits of this summer:

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2019’s Little Black Dress Look

As time passes by I spend less and less time home, in Budapest. When I do visit home, I make sure that all the following trips and accomodations of mine are settled, all my meetings with friends, and the time planned to be spent with my family is organized. I also always try my best to squeeze time to shoot with my favorite fashion photographer Edina Csoboth and as a result of this last time I succeeded to create some epic looks with her in the V. district, right in the center of my town. Arriving as usual with three huge luggages back home gave me a hard time to decide what outfit to shoot, so as a quick idea I have decided to show you guys the “Little Black Dress Look” by me.

This year so far was more adventureous than the last three years together I swear 🙏🏼.
One of the most prescious memory of mine relates to AMFAR organized in Antibes.
To attend this event I got rid of my long hair and changed to a blonde bob instead. Honestly it was very hard to compliment with any look the outstanding cherry blossom dress Suzie Turner has handcrafted for that occasion.

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