Thinking of where to escape from the harsh European winter? No doubt Dubai is the perfect choice where the mild and decently warm weather starts around October.
While the summer is almost unbearably hot, the “winter” on the other hand is pretty amusing. Lately however we do pray for some more sun, as we notice a higher number of rainy and cloudy days than usual, so shooting outside in a lovely 25 degrees is something very ideal we bloggers do wish for. Maybe if a bit more breeze could be arranged that would be lovely too:-).
Taking shots is not always that convenient here in the UAE as professional cameras are often prohibited to be used due to privacy reasons. On our recent shooting with @alphaspotting we were actually sent away from our desired shooting locations, but our never-ending wish for creating something special in the Burj Khalifa area did not let us give up on our plans. Shooting with Mo is pretty advantageous, he knows all the nice places, angles, perspectives in the city. Go check out his gallery, it won’t dissappoint.

Wondering in Dubai Mall can cause you like a “day deficit”. Meaning there is no chance you come out from there on time, and even if you know strategically which entrance and exit to use, the stores will suck you in, and trust me it feels like a never-ending story every time you visit:-).
It is truly the epicenter of fashion, and once you walk through Fashion Avenue you will get addicted to it. Everything shines, and everywhere you look there is infinite marble walls, fascinating installations, stylish interior design and the worlds best flagship stores.
I don’t know if the world luxury should be described as The Fashion Avenue or vice-versa.

Some solid facts about this building:

Developer: EMAAR properties
›Approximately 1200 stores
›A 250-room luxury Hotel
›22 cinema screens – Reel Cinemas
›Over 120 cafés and restaurants
›An Olympic size Ice Rink

Its attractions list couldn’t be more satisfying without its highly successful Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

So be aware before you enter, that you will spend more money than you have planned. Period.

I often find myself wandering in Fashion Avenue and I admit me and my friends often fine-dine there too.
Memorizing which store to be found and where can be hard, but give yourself time, and take advantage of the virtual map machines and the kind colleagues at the information desks who may help you find the store you are looking for. Well usually at least a km away from you😀.
One particular store I never miss is BCBG.
BCBG is pure elegance and class. Their collection always offers glamorous gowns for special occasions, cocktail dresses for receptions, and flawless maxi dresses for my everyday style.

Details of our latest shoot with Mo @alphaspotting:

Location: Souk Al Bahar

This photo was reposted by prominent pages like Visit.Dubai, that makes me really happy, because shooting makes sense when the audience really appreciates it.


Flocked Dot Mesh Dress – Sorry Ladies its sold out, but I have found you some lovely styles currently on sale now.

I like to wear light accessories, my everyday jewelry is from Louis Vuitton, both ear studs and necklaces.

I did laid an eye on another piece though last week:

Click on the photo, for the link of the dress. It looks heavenly, Dubai Mall still have them.

Below my other favorite “must haves” from the website: