To be honest applying for the tender was quite ad-hoc and sudden as most of the things are in my life. I was not really aware what style Marie Claire will “prefer” neither had much time as I was told about the tender only 2 weeks before the application period  was closed. Even made it a bit tougher when the first photographer quit and I was left there with an idea I liked but with a slight side note: It was a photo tender for photographers, where clearly I was only an optional model. Still I cared for this project as its Mamacittá 😃 and pushed it till the end. I kind of felt the topic of the tender pretty close to me and was also sure that something interesting has to be done for this occasion.

The theme of the tender was: The colorful existence of women.

It wasn’t that easy as I had 1,5 week left, needed THE PHOTOGRAPHER:-), the make up artist, preferably a stylist too. A studio and well yes  more time:-) Time I did not have! 
To be honest the hardest part was to find the time when everybody was able can get together, be on one specific location:-) and do the work. 

I was inspired by Sandro Miller’s Malkovich photo exhibition I have previously seen in Budapest. So the idea was clear. Show the colorful existence of women through different characters that are unconventional, or popular in world press photographed with one model → Me. 
I needed to keep reminding myself that the project is a photographer tender, and not a topic of a new blogpost of mine. And surprisingly or not I have taken it damn serious.
The approach of us towards the photographs was following my idea, so you will likely feel the touch of fashion on them. Well… Quite much of a fashion touch. The more I see the pictures the more I smile. We humans and our minds and our creativity is so unique and authentic. 

Let me show you what characters were in my mind, and how did we display them on the Marie Claire magazine photo tender:-)

Photographer: Richard Vojcehovszkij
Stylist: Clara Gherghel
Make up artist: Nóra Aradi, Yvette Venczlik
Modell: Edina Karina Deák

1st Character


(In developed countries it is common to have organizations who support the integration and help to find employment for immigrant women. I have found a sympathetic project I would like to support too:     Munkaerő-piaci szolgáltatások harmadik országbeli nőknek)


2nd Character


(Woman who needs to breastfeed in a restaurant in its restroom because she can’t or preferably won’t breastfeed in public. Seriously I think it is only the lack of intelligence when it bothers someone. Still it is a popular topic in the media.)


3rd Character


(Icon and role model of the 20th century modern women.)


4th Character


(Enjoyed every moment of this transformation)


5th Character


(Brought this topic as the 21st century’s modern women “role models”. Social media is widely influenced by bloggers worldwide.)


Shot these 5 characters within 1,5 days and I am glad that I had the chance to work with such a passionate and professional team. It is never easy for me to select photos as I am able to find something special in every photograph. I didn’t want to limit the project to only five pictures when it comes to showing you guys, so below you can find some BTS pictures I loved and will never be published somewhere else.









Feel free to comment below your opinion, or drop me a message to if you have a question:-)!