How far do you go for fashion? Are you following the high-end fashion gurus and copy “them” style or simply choosing what you like in the most popular commercial stores like H&M, ZARA, Bershka etc? 

To be honest sometimes I find hard to relate to those who are advertising themselves on social media with big Hermés and Gucci bags, together with Tiffany, Louis and all the rest. I mean why photographing yourself with paper bags? Showing off brings nothing to my mind but feeling sorry for those girls insecurity. If you really (or your man:-) ) has that money, do charity, build something, help others, there are so many ways to gain your followers like, than showing off your money.

If you ask me, I like to follow high-end fashion, or so to say to purchase some statement pieces when I can, but as affordability comes handy I shop a lot from commercial stores.


Because mostly they produce similar items, less expensive, perfect copies on a “budget price”.  
Here is my advice: You can find in H&M at sale some old extravagant pieces, gorgeous colors and material for pennies. Somehow they hang old crazy pieces that we have never seen before in ANY season. They are perfect street style outfit pieces not to mention they look chic on shots.
Interestingly there I always get lucky:-)

So what were the most affordable and wearable trends this season?
Sequin for sure.
Im sure most of you have purchased at least one sequined outfit. Come on! At least for New Years Eve! 

I did, but I like to go for pieces that can be worn for a date, for a party, or for going out with friends. ZARA have launched some cool sequined stuff like suits, dresses, coats, culottes. Now culottes are interestingly distinguishing women. Some of them can’t imagine wearing them while others -like me who tries on her curves everything- go for them. 
Okay probably if these pants wouldn’t be sequined I would have left them in the store. But hey aren’t they cool as hell?

Second most affordable choice of mine is knit.
Sweaters, jumpers, pullovers, even shirt and pants I wear a lot. Why? They are comfy, warm and cosy. And comfy comes first in my weekday dressing. If you have read in my previous article I’m fond of all knits, and this winters fav color was this purple sweater from MANGO. 

Now I must mention I’m a MANGO lover since my young ages, as my sis used to buy them a lot. However in some seasons I cannot relate to it. Lets say I keep my eye on their app, check whats new and each season I purchase one item, which I mostly find a bit expensive for that 1 piece. Long story short if you want this purple sweater you can still find it in stores probably on sale:-)

One more thing you shall not forget. Sequins and knit will always stay in fashion. Im sure most of you keep your old beloved clothes in some box or somewhere in the attic. Go and explore what you loved years ago! Im sure you’ll be happy finding some super cool outfits and give them a chance again in your wardrobe.

And if you are wild enough go and explore some vintage stores. Will be an experience I’m sure!