Not long ago I had to travel to Oslo to a conference and I was quite sure that I was not going to bring the ordinary black skirt, white blouse, black jacket and comfy look-like low-heel shoes. 


I will never forget one of my previous exhibition I was participating in May 2017, in Frankfurt. The IMEX is the most important trade exhibition in Germany with 3500 exhibitors, from 150 countries, over 5200 decision makers, millions of meetings held in one place within 3 days. I remember my last day when my feet were sore, I felt like I was entering a beehive where all the faces were already in some way familiar, yet tired and less-welcoming than they were on the opening day, but all I knew I needed to have at least 10 more valuable meetings out of which maybe 1 was to be resultful. I was walking in my black jacket with my badge on my name: Edina Karina Deák, well shown the company I was representing, a white blouse, a black tight skirt and my shoes killing my feet in the last 2 days…


I thought i saw God:-) If i could describe well…. He looked perfect. Simply perfect, masculine, handsome, 2m tall at least, very muscular, brown skin, brown sad eyes, amazing MAN you just want to have right beside you. Or all over you…
I was anxious knowing I was there for 3 days, that I could have spent with him (out of my working hours-of course)  than I have imagined all those “lost” minutes, hours, lunches, dinners not to mention all the rest WHICH did not happen because I saw -let’s say- “met” him only at that very moment. I felt like time has stopped and tried not to forget to act normal… and breathe.

I knew if he didn’t have balls I’ll needed to go myself, start a conversation, than lead that conversation to the point where he saves my number in his phone, and not only taking my business card. 

I swear in that very moment I already saw us 1 year later in the future, waking up next to each other in a soft, wrinkled bed linen:-) WHEN another Hungarian man working on the Hungarian booth stepped to me, in his old fashioned grey suit asking me a favor, if i could help him out and copy him that contract draft on the other side of the venue, because his next partner is already waiting for him.


I swear I will never understand why men cannot treat kindness as women does, and why do they need to step forward creating uncomfortable situations. I was not his assistant neither his colleague, so asking a favor like this from him would never but ever cross my mind!

I trying to describe you how my face expression was like:

•When Garfield is told that he needs to be on a strict diet
•When the handsome guy thinking he is the king of the night is asked to use a condom he was hoping to avoid…

It took heavy 3 seconds to get out from that negative energy situation I was grabbed into by that Hungarian man, and I could ask him to stand beside because he was just blocking my view
and “my MAN” wasn’t there anymore.
I went over the huge hall looking for him for half an hour but he disappeared. 

He looked like Sylvester Stallone in his old movie  Over the Top (i mean sweet jesus so handsome) wearing a suit. I already saw us at that altar, okay only after a vapory shower scene. 🙂

But he was gone.

It was like failing on forex and losing your leveraged 1 million dollar in 1 second.


Here and now I promise you I will never wear that boring black skirt, white blouse, black jacket “hostess look” outfit again. 

Changing that outfit for these occasions were not only necessary becasue I didnt want to look like a hostess, but because I barely think that those, who visit often exhibitions, travel from one symposium to a conference, than another training and seminar will recognize a beautiful lady in such outfit that he sees every week and month in the past years, or will maximum ask for a coffee. (Like what have happened to me)

Of cours I’m not saying that its not possible to make a nice look from that black and white combo but if I need to put some fantasy in that I’d rather create a Carry Bradshaw look, which prolly would not result in the point of visiting such event, and couldn’t prove my partners that it is worthy to sit with me for a more meaningful meeting about the services of the company I’m representing. 

99% on these jobs I’m wearing my hair in the back in a ponytail, because I’m trying to avoid the attraction of my blonde long hair. Beauty is a huge advantage, but in some cases can be the contrary. If a woman is outstandingly beautiful lets say 90% of men are interested in her just because of her look. Its a fight for all of us to show and express what is inside of us.
Like “Hello!!! Im a not only a beautiful body, and pussy walking on two legs!”

When we are well educated, experienced and would like to get better and higher positions at work, it’s important to do it in the right way. We cannot use the advantage of our look, we need to use and show what we have learned, express how ambitious we are, using our best communication and negotiation skills to be respected and accepted. (By man, by our boss, by our co-workers)

Reaching that respect will be much easier with an outfit that is not boring, has colors, and extraordinary.

Some people doesn’t understand how the first impression can be crucial. Almost 90% of everything depends on that certain first impression. Think about a casting. You get the script and description of the caracter you need to play mosty right before you go in front of the camera. You don’t get second chances and trials. Or remember when somebody is symphatic for you. He/ She has been symphatic for you from the beginning, from the first time you said hello to each other. Its like chemistry.

So here are my advice what to wear for a job interview, for a conference, an exhibition, or any other occasion where less is more, but still we would like to have a memorable impression.

A pencil skirt covering your knees is always conservative, yet elegant. It can be checked, striped, burgundy, dark brown, dark green, even nude, and any fabric including leather. 
A well ironed shirt or blouse. Can be loose and tight, long-and shortsleeved, anything that feels comfortable to wear. U look hundred times better when people see you are feeling comfortable.
And the shoes: I’d love to say that comfort is the key but no. Even low heeled shoes can cause you pain, specially if you need to stand and walk in them for hours.
My advice: Have flat shoes with you in your bag to be able to change whenever it is necessary. And plasters.

Let me show you some comfy and cool pairs that can easily go with the office casual outfit without breaking your ankles or wearing something too fancy to work.


Don’t be shy to comment below i love reading them,  and send me pictures of your favorite office looks:-)
Let’s inspire each other!