As 2017 slowly turns into 2018 i have had to notice that this year my new fashion trend was wearing overalls – commonly called jumpsuits. I’ve just realized that I always bring one with me to the fitting room at each store visit. Besides, it is also visible on every advertisement that pops up on my search engine that its either a Revolve, Secondskinoveralls, or a Zara jumpsuit on the ad.

This years truly newest fashion trends were the suits, the kimonos, the jumpsuits, the waist bags, the hats, and the sneakers. In fact as I’m sitting here listing for you I could just add at least 5 more items that if someone asks me i can definitely recall it was in 2017.

The variations when it comes to jumpsuits are infinite:
long sleeve, short sleeve, strapped, zipped, culottes style or skinny, loose or tight etc.

You can find endless pieces of velvet (e.g. this mango), vegan leather (e.g. this secondskinoverall),  fabric (e.g. this asos) or one of my this years favorite type the sequinned (e.g this missguided).


In this post I’m wearing a sensitive type on purpose. Normally to my curves and body shape i would not recommend this style, as it can make my legs look shorter, and make me look way bigger from the back.
This black MANGO jumpsuit is pretty loose, has a thin and flexible fabric, and straight wide cut quite above the ankle. Im wearing a shiny red ZARA long sleeve crop top under it and to make it more chic and to emphasize my thin waist I’ve put on a black wide leather belt.
-this belt is far not as comfortable as my smile shows:-) don’t sit and don’t drive wearing –

My Recommendation:
♥ Wear with a waist bag ♥

(here is a cute and affordable one)

However if you skip the belt, wear a blouse under (light blue or black and white) and a (camel or burgundy) ballon above with a nice big scarf and this outfit will be your most comfortable and stylish one.

Your outfit style will depend on the shoes you wear it with. I wear a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps, mixed with a ZARA backpack. 
In case you are not a jumpsuit fan yet, but you are playing with the idea, try to find a style that is matching your body shape. Consider if you like to emphasize a special part, or you wish to look taller.
In that case choose a type that reaches the ground even with high heels on, or a tight one until your ancle and definetly match them with heels. If you got the mood to freshen up your wardrobe with a new jumpsuit piece than MANGO is always a good option. They have plenty of variations each season with great colors and textiles. 
Send me photos of your jumpsuit outfits to and inspire me:-)