I swear in the last tree years i’ve bought more knit items at winter than winter coats. Its not only that i really like to dress layered but also i don’t like huge coats. Only occasionally.

Usually it is it’s softness, the fluffiness, their light weight, their foldability and last but not least their color are the reasons why i literally fell in love with each knit i see. Better to say i shall not try them otherwise i buy them. Nothing is different in 2017 winter compared to 2016 winter, except i have more knits and i barely fit in my wardrobe. But really! Ok they are either hanged or folded but they do take hell a lot of space!

In this post i’ll give you an example how a cardigan can substitute a coat (if) we don’t have in the style that would go perfectly with our outfit. Take a jumpsuit, quite shiny, quite silver, quite long, quite loose, quite thin for a winter outfit quite cool for going out… but still what do we do if we don’t find any coat fitting for our outfit… Noooo we don’t just put on what we have, we put a knit! Quite warm, quite loose, quite stylish!

Lets collect those occasions when to wear our knit:

•To boycott winter and its coming!
 •Basically when u don’t do nothing at home – match it with some cute pairs of socks e.g. these Cazledonia pairs!
•Avoid an uncomfortable drive in huge puffer or pharka and drive comfy in a knit!
•On or under a leather- vegan!-leather coat AKA “layering”!
•Imagine how happy your grandma, auntie, mom u could make by asking them to knit u a custom made handmade wool sweater for present?!
•If u don’t have the proper occasional coat, wear that knit!
•Let’s not forget about those festive summer crochets ladies!

Match your knit with:

I mean short skirts, midis, pencil skirts, boyfriend jeans, high waist – low waist jeans, jeggings, any types of denim, leggings, culottes, joggers, jumpsuits, over-the-knee boots -really everything!

Popular colors in 2017:

I go for camel, sand, grey, black, burgundy, blue.

As there are no stores without knit crowded corners, shelves and hangers my only advice before buying your knit is to match it to your skin and hair color. 

In this post I’m combining my favorite and warmest-ever cardigan with an ultimate go out piece jumpsuit, evening bag and black knee-high leather boots.


Just to bring you an example of how does Instagram connect people, i had the chance to meet this super talented super slaying amazing photographer Alise Jane through Insta. We started to chat and the other day we shot these amazing photos within less than 1.5 hours. 

Well definitely she is the one to shoot with when in London. Trust me she is absolutely the number one! Her private insta (photographer and blogger page) is: @the_alisejane, and her works you can follow at: @alisejane_photo


Both the jumpsuit and the cardigan is ZARA, and believe it or not they cost not more than 80$. As on the side the pants are cut i knew that the knee-high boots will match perfectly. 

– Otherwise i’d wore pumps –

I don’t know about you but every time i visit Notting Hill i decide to move there.

Who know what 2018 brings :-).


Beside the little iridescent clutch is made by Anna Amélie (hungarian leather bag designer), the choker was a result of our cooperation. My shoes in case you are wondering, (and i guess you do:-) are Yves Saint Laurent and definetly one of my favorite piece of my entire wardrobe.


Show some love to Alise and follow her page, she truly deserves it!