Im quite passionate when it comes to gym and fitness outfits. This is a kind of silly rule of mine lets call it the EE rule. Everything needs to match with everything. Those who train regularly 4-6 times a week knows what I’m talking about. The more time we spend in the gym the more concerned we are about our outfit we spend those hours. Specially when it comes to sweating. The more uncomfortable my body feels while sweating, soaring, stretching the more comfortable I want to feel in my pants and shirts.

We love to have two pairs of different colored shoes (some even separate the type of sport shoes e.g. for running and for indoor crossfit), not to mention the number of pants in various patterns, and lengths, sport bras, and shirts.
Of course we all have those ugly days, when we don’t wake up on time, forget the laundry in the machine and accidentally didn’t dry those what we wanted to wear the other day etc… So we just throw whatever is in the vicinity of our hands to the gym bag and leave home quickly.

But what are those criteria we choose and buy our so often wore and rotated pieces we don’t change for years?

I do consider several things before I shop a new pair of fitness pants, and shirts also the bras and these criteria doesn’t really differ from the ones i consider when buying my everyday casual outfits. 
-If we can call my dressing casual lol-

First of all I love when something has a unique pattern, and also when materials are mixed with others e.g. these pants. If its also body shaping than its already a win-win situation. To be honest its a quite sensitive topic as I have million times tried from my fav brands pants with amazing colors that were shouting to me from the window to buy them, BUT they were emphasizing those love handles, and rolls of fat I EXACTLY WANT TO HIDE and make them disappear.

I’ve met the brand  NDN Sport and Fitness Wear for the first time 3 years ago when I was asked to be their model.

Look what i’ve found!

This belt is strongly holding to your waist and you can put inside a phone, your cloakroom keys, tissues, earplugs whatever essential you like to carry with you while training.

As it is a Hungarian brand you might think its harder to purchase them but actually their webshop is quite easy and they deliver internationally. Out of six workout I wear four times NDN Sportwear. Each season and occasion they come up with new collections and patterns, their materials are perfectly holding, flexible and keeping their colors for years.

They are decently sewed and surviving the washing machine weekly twice. Oh yes! And their prices are more than customer friendly. You can even choose from outfits designed for the different women body curves and types. 

Choose your body type here.


What else should we want from a fitness wear?:-)