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December 2017

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There is a jumpsuit for every body shape

As 2017 slowly turns into 2018 i have had to notice that this year my new fashion trend was wearing overalls – commonly called jumpsuits. I’ve just realized that I always bring one with me to the fitting room at each store visit. Besides, it is also visible on every advertisement that pops up on my search engine that its either a Revolve, Secondskinoveralls, or a Zara jumpsuit on the ad.

This years truly newest fashion trends were the suits, the kimonos, the jumpsuits, the waist bags, the hats, and the sneakers. In fact as I’m sitting here listing for you I could just add at least 5 more items that if someone asks me i can definitely recall it was in 2017.

The variations when it comes to jumpsuits are infinite:
long sleeve, short sleeve, strapped, zipped, culottes style or skinny, loose or tight etc.

You can find endless pieces of velvet (e.g. this mango), vegan leather (e.g. this secondskinoverall),  fabric (e.g. this asos) or one of my this years favorite type the sequinned (e.g this missguided).

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Gym Fashion

Im quite passionate when it comes to gym and fitness outfits. This is a kind of silly rule of mine lets call it the EE rule. Everything needs to match with everything. Those who train regularly 4-6 times a week knows what I’m talking about. The more time we spend in the gym the more concerned we are about our outfit we spend those hours. Specially when it comes to sweating. The more uncomfortable my body feels while sweating, soaring, stretching the more comfortable I want to feel in my pants and shirts.

We love to have two pairs of different colored shoes (some even separate the type of sport shoes e.g. for running and for indoor crossfit), not to mention the number of pants in various patterns, and lengths, sport bras, and shirts.
Of course we all have those ugly days, when we don’t wake up on time, forget the laundry in the machine and accidentally didn’t dry those what we wanted to wear the other day etc… So we just throw whatever is in the vicinity of our hands to the gym bag and leave home quickly.

But what are those criteria we choose and buy our so often wore and rotated pieces we don’t change for years?

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Knit Love Knit Everything


I swear in the last tree years i’ve bought more knit items at winter than winter coats. Its not only that i really like to dress layered but also i don’t like huge coats. Only occasionally.

Usually it is it’s softness, the fluffiness, their light weight, their foldability and last but not least their color are the reasons why i literally fell in love with each knit i see. Better to say i shall not try them otherwise i buy them. Nothing is different in 2017 winter compared to 2016 winter, except i have more knits and i barely fit in my wardrobe. But really! Ok they are either hanged or folded but they do take hell a lot of space!

In this post i’ll give you an example how a cardigan can substitute a coat (if) we don’t have in the style that would go perfectly with our outfit. Take a jumpsuit, quite shiny, quite silver, quite long, quite loose, quite thin for a winter outfit quite cool for going out… but still what do we do if we don’t find any coat fitting for our outfit… Noooo we don’t just put on what we have, we put a knit! Quite warm, quite loose, quite stylish!

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