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November 2017

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Wear Colors!

I must admit these photos were made back in March, so as the post was written, (unfortunately my site took more time to be ready than i tought) but i have decided not to wait till next March so i’ll just post it now. 

I still hope these colorful pics will make u feel warmer and sunnier however the highest temperature is damn – degrees lately.

I guess this is how a #tbt blogpost look:

When the weather is such unexpectable like a March in Budapest i always wear my spring coats. I get rid of my winter outfit as soon as possible, in fact i’d rather sit in my car with a knit jumper (praying to get warmer outside) and only wear my coat when i go on a walk. Those who knows me personally they are aware how huge ZARA fan i am, so no wonder i will wear on an early spring day any of my trench or masculine coats.

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The skirt that brings new light to your wardrobe

I have already mentioned in my posts earlier that I feel pretty attracted to the work of the Hungarian designers. In this post you are going to find ‘THE’ ultimate skirt which will bring a sparkle to your wardrobe for sure!

  THE FOUR is an independent Budapest based label known for its bold yet subtle creations. Uniquely it is formed by tree young minds Anett Gálvölgyi, Anna Zsófia Kormos and Márton Miovác. Every creation of them is tailored for women who seek a new kind of femininity,  and each piece is combined by contrasting elements that are remixed into something daring and sophisticated.

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